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Eilat Virtual Tours - Orchid Hotel Eilat

On the shores of the Almog (Coral) Beach, between the red of the desert hills and the blue waters of the bay, lies an enchanted paradise – the Orchid Hotel. The exotic holiday resort, overlooking the hills of the capital of sun and freedom, offers you a variety of rooms and suites, from the Siam Wing, designed in Far Eastern style, to the new, luxury Shangri-La Wing of deluxe villas and unique villas such as the Grand Shangri-La, and the presidential villa – the Royal Siam. The rooms and villas look out over the breathtaking view from the top of the mountainside hotel, and combine the pastoral and intimate atmosphere of a tropical holiday resort with the luxury of a five- star hotel. The Orchid Hotel promises you the perfect experience of true tranquility and dream vacation.

The Daniel Hotel Dead Sea

The Daniel Hotel Dead Sea is situated at the world's lowest part of the Dead Sea in Ein Bokek. The Hotel’s superb location allows guests to take advantage of everything the remarkable Dead Sea has to offer - from its therapeutic waters to its magnificent desert views. Moreover, the Hotel offers proximity to historic sites such as Massada, Qumran, Ein Gedi and many more.

Maagan Eden Hotel - Holiday Village

Maagan Eden – The most beautiful kibbutz resort, your magical spot in the North. A unique vacation experience. Maagan Eden is located in the heart of the Jordan Valley fields. Pastoral trails lead you between magical, beautiful corners in a relaxing and laid back rural atmosphere, surrounded by grassy areas and eucalyptus trees. Each window offers a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Galilee. You’ll discover the beautiful Maagan Eden resort village in the heart of the deep green Jordan Valley fields, on the shore of the light blue, calm southern coast of the Sea of Galilee.


Herzliya Virtual Tours - The Herzliya Marina

The largest marina in Israel, provides moorings for yachts of all sizes, including several berths for mega yachts up to 60 meters in length. The marina, which began operating in 1995, is a 15-minute drive north of Tel-Aviv, the country's metropolis. The Herzliya Marina is centrally located alongside a glamorous front venue.

Eilat Virtual Tours - The Princess Beach - Full HD Video tour

The Bridge near the old Princess Hotel is located where the mountains of the Sinai and Arava Deserts meet the crystal waters of the Red Sea. The bay is located where neighbouring kingdoms of Jordan and Saudi Arabia borders meet and Egypt is just a hundred yards down the road to the south. This beach is a perfect sport to explore your next special diving holiday experience in the Red Sea where lies one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world with mazes, bays, deep canyons, and the abundant beautiful fish that swim among the majestic coral have made it an internationally-renowned diving site.

Jerusalem Virtual Tours - Jaffa Gate Old City Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem Virtual Tours - Jaffa Gate. Located at the end of Jaffa St., is the main access to the Old City from West Jerusalem (the New City). From here you can reach the Citadel and the Tower of David Museum, situated just inside the gate on the right, as well as the market alleys starting from David St. This gate was given its name because here was the start of the old main road to Jaffa port at the Mediterranean.


JERUSALEM, Old City: The walls from Jaffa to Damascus gate

A breathtaking vista of the Jerusalem walls from a view point. A trip to Jerusalem is an exciting journey into many types of cultures, traditions and neighbourhoods. Along the history of the city, people of different religions, from all over the world, have set their homes in Jerusalem, making it an exotic place to discover. Many visitors to Jerusalem are drawn to the city's exceptional ambience and unique aura.

HaTachana Complex Tel Aviv, Israel virtual tours

HaTachana Complex - Old train Station is a renovated historical site with cafe’s, restaurants, organic market art galleries and a family fun activities. The Tachana is located on the border of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Our virtual tours show you the main area, inside an old train car, on the balcony of Shoshka restaurant and in it

The Cardo - old city of Jerusalem, Israel video tour

One of Jerusalem's most conspicuous Roman-Byzantine sites is the Cardo, also known as the Street of the Pillars. The word 'cardo' comes from the Greek word for 'heart; this was one of the central roads of the Old City. The wide street was bordered on the west by massive walls and on the east by an arcade. The row of columns which we see at one end of the Cardo carried the weight of the beams of the roofing. This roof made it a cool shady shopping street and even today it protects shoppers from the sun and rain. Built by the Romans 1800 years ago, this wide street goes from one side of the Old City to the other. This was the main street in Roman and zantine times. Only a short part has been excavated. The rest is buried under the buildings of the city. The Cardo is a remnant of Aelia Capitolina, the Roman city built over the ruins of Jerusalem following the Jewish rebellions of 70 and 135 CE. This had a grid system built on two broad thoroughfares intersecting at right angles. The north-south axis was the Cardo Maximus. The east-west axis was the Decumanus. The original Cardo in Jerusalem ran along the northern sector of the Roman City. It began from a square inside the city's main gate - today the Damascus gate - and crossed through the entire city to the south. In the middle of the square, was a high pillar; when the Moslems conquered Jerusalem in the 7th century the gate was renamed "Bab elAmud" (The Pillar Gate). The gate, the square with the pillar, and the Cardo are depicted in detail on the colored mosaic map of Jerusalem, found in 1884 in a Byzantine church in Trans-Jordanian Medabah. Location - The Cardo is situated in the heart of the Old City.


Eilat Virtual Tours - Eilat Beaches

Eilat is a tourist resort and port city located at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, on the Red Sea. It is also Israel's southernmost city, part of the Southern Negev Desert and at the south end of the Arava. Eilat is famous for beatiful beaches that are full of marine life, reefs and has clear water, perfect for scuba diving and beach fun

Herzliya Virtual Tours - The Herzliya Marina

The largest marina in Israel, provides moorings for yachts of all sizes, including several berths for mega yachts up to 60 meters in length. The marina, which began operating in 1995, is a 15-minute drive north of Tel-Aviv, the country's metropolis. The Herzliya Marina is centrally located alongside a glamorous front venue.

Beaches in Israel, Sironit Beach Netanya

Sironit Beach is considered to be the main beach in Netanya. It's located below the Rishonim Promenade. There are a lot of hotels along the promenade. The beach is very well organized and attracts many visitors. Two breakwaters provide calm sea and safe swimming. The Netanya beach boasts a new elevator to the sea - the first of its kind in Israel - which descends from the promenade along the cliff top to the beach. The elevator was built because of the difference in height between the city center and the sea shore and enables easy and speedy access - within 20 seconds. There are lifeguard services, fitness facilities, sunbeds and shades, cafes and toilets. But the main attraction is the transparent elevator, which you can use to access the beach from the Rishonim Avenue for a small charge, but you can also get there by stairs.


Souvenir shop in the Old City - Jerusalem Video Tours

A Souvenir store in Jerusalem's Old City, many beautiful local gifts that many buy as gifts from the holy land!

Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian market Tel Aviv - Virtual visit

Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall is a colorful open-air bazaar of unique handicrafts, street performances, pantomime and musicians. Nachlat Binyamin market is active twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. the restored street, which is parallel to the Carmel Market, gets full of tourists and Israelis alike, who wander among the stands, sit at the fashionable outdoor cafes, and simply share the lively atmosphere that is all around. Vendors of Nahalat Binyamin market sell their own handmade crafts and gives the shopper the opportunity to chat with the artists themselves. To get there, take bus No 4,1,2, or any bus passing through Allenby St.

Flea Market Jaffa - Virtual tour Tel Aviv

Not far east of the Clock Square is the Flea Market, another beauty spot of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It is worthwhile to wander through the alleyways of the area, where there are historic buildings of archeological significance, many of which are today being renovated and rejuvenated.