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Jerusalem Virtual Tours - Damascus Gate Old City Jerusalem
Old City Damascus gate - Flash Virtual Tour
The Damascus Gate was built in 1542 by the Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent in the surrounds of the old city of Jerusalem. This wall is the largest and most splendid of all the other walls.
It is located on the wall’s northern side. Parts of this charming higher, imposing wall are built with massive stones that date back to the time of Herod. The wall is pierced by 8 gates-seven are open and one is closed. Until 1887, each gate was closed before sunset and opened at sunrise. There are three gates in the north wall:
Damascus Gate, New Gate, Herod’s Gate. Damascus Gate is the most beautiful one where the Arab bazaar and marketplace begins. In Arabic the Damascus Gate is called Bab-al-Amud :Gate of Columns” because of the column that once stood in the square inside the gate or because of the street of columns, which crossed the Byzantine city from the gate.
At the Damascus Gate is possible to see men and women in traditional Arab costume selling bunches of vegetables and fruits, young men straining to pull and push heavy carts up and down the sloping staircases that are so characteristic of the Old City, and Arab women out buying their family groceries.

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